Breath Therapy

Breath therapy

Shortness of breath, feeling of pressure on the chest, tight (breathing) muscles, bad posture, fatigue, back pain, hypersensitivity, exhaustion, sleeping disorders, anxiety and fears

Mental agitation, intense emotions and physical changes affect breathing and are also reflected in breathing behavior. If such breathing dysfunctions occur over a longer period of time, the natural breathing potential is reduced and the body and brain are no longer supplied with sufficient oxygen. This results in tension, blockages and states of exhaustion in the physical, mental and emotional spheres.

Breath therapy works with dialogue, body touch and exercises and aims at regaining the natural rhythm

of breathing, achieving a better body awareness and creating a balanced body tension. In addition, breath therapy also promotes personal self-confidence and social competence by expanding the physical and mental experience.

Release physical, mental and emotional tensions through touch

Your lungs provide the oxygen that gives your body vitality and confidence

"Back" to life: a strong back gives you strength, support and flexibility

Develop a good relationship with sleep - a benefit for both mind and body

Discomfort and pain are inseparable from life. The question is: what do you do with them?

Learn to better cope and manage difficult periods in life