Atemtherapie Daiana Geninasca

Certified breath therapist

Do you feel like you can't really breathe anymore? Does your chest feel tight and pinched? Do your thoughts get out of control from time to time and you just can't get out of them? Do you feel stressed and lack energy, focus and serenity? And maybe your body is tightening up more and more as a result?

I understand that.

The obligations, the uncertainties about the future, and maybe personal traumas don't make it easy to keep the own center.

With breath therapy, I guide my clients holistically, helping them to recognize patterns, become more aware of their thoughts and body, and breathe more deeply and relaxed.

The consciously allowed and experienced breath is an important basis for more quality of life, health, inner peace and mental strength. With it, thoughts can be quieted, body awareness is strengthened, and muscle tension is released.

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